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**The gang of creative spirits**

Welcome to the G-Gang, the underground fraternity that imposes its style. With Graffiti Gang, say goodbye to the corporate mindset no matter where you come from. Join the gang and proudly wear our colors to become your own rule maker.


Ideal type of outfit to camouflage yourself like a pro! Choose it according to your mission zone.


The basics: safeguarding your privacy, protection against the cold and improved camouflage.


The most iconic striped tshirt! Practical for sports, or even airsoft reconstruction.


Without ammunition there is no way out. Quick extraction of your magazines, protection against dirt, easy opening… It’s up to you. We have a mag pouch for every situation and for many differents weapons.


The unavoidable means of individual protection for the 21st century. Whether simple or sophisticated, it will protect your vital parts and increase your chances of survival in an emergency situation.

What they say about us

"Thank you for the gorka 4! The size is perfect. All my questions were answered clearly and quickly. The costume arrived very quickly, 3-4 days earlier than promised. I tried it today under the rain and I’m still dry."
Gorka 4 Bars
"Excellent online store, excellent product quality, all orders come on time, constantly in contact with sellers, for this I would like to express my gratitude. I whish you prosperity !"
Chimera Guillie 3D
"Hello, I received the order. Everything is OK! I am impressed, thank you for the smooth handling of the matter. I hope this is not the end of my adventure with you guys."

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You will receive all the news related to our shop: new collections, best sellers of the season, updates about our suplus… And don’t miss the opportunity to receive a 10% discount on your first order just like our other members! 

Our Russian surplus in a few words

The Russian army shop at your service

Created in 2019 by Quentin, Kula Surplus is a Russian military shop designed to bring more choices to the international market in terms of tactical equipment. Originally from France, its founder moved to Russia in his 20s. While practicing airsoft in Russia, he discovered a wide variety of camo equipment that was not available in the French and English speaking areas. The adventure began when he decided to help the comrades of his airsoft team to get military clothes particularly effective in our european countries.

More than 10 000 references of Russian army stuff

Constantly evolving with military innovations, our russian military store offers you trendy items in a wide range of possible camouflages. The world changes and so does fashion, even Russian soldiers are subject to it. That’s why we are constantly working on adding new Russian gear to bring you the best deals. You will find at Kula many famous brands such as the epic manufacturer of airsoft replicas NPO AEG, the official optics supplier for the army NPZ, the famous manufacturer of gorka Bars outfits and the production of many innovative local workshops, some of which even supply the Russian armed forces.


Discover our original Russian gear

Involved in the airsoft community for more than 7 years, the founding members of Kula Tactical were also beginners.

“We equipped ourselves without really taking into account the brands, just with what we could easily find and for cheap. In the end we were always wondering if our clothes would stand up when we went to events for 2 days of games. Some of us were luckier than others, I lost several times pockets that were cut off in the middle of the game… There was also a strong lack of a group identity inside our team.”
– Kula’s team leader

Before the gang

  • Tired of your overly classic look ?
  • Your equipment is unreliable and wears out too quickly ?
  • Your budget doesn’t match the gold price of American gear ? 

After the gang

  • Wide choice of camo for all climates and geographical areas !
  • Many brands under contract with the Russian army !
  • A style from the East that will make you stand out from the crowd !